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Healthy and Tame Baby Tiels

We are a professional bird breeders that specialize in hand fed cocktaiels.  Our tiels are fully weaned and friendly.  Our birds are meticulously taken care of until purchase.


Care policy and Return Policy

We recommend you follow our feeding and watering so as to not upset your new pet bird. We have our professional bird seed mix for sale at time of purchase.  Use only bottled or distilled water.

We will accept returns for any reason within 7 days of purchase.


Contact Us

We can text you pictures of our current supply of hand fed baby cockatiels. We are located in northern California, butte county.  In addition we regularly post updates of our tiels on our Instagram page @ handfedcockatiels5393

We will answer any calls, messages or texts promptly @ 530-354-2665.

Pricing and Payment Options



Our hand fed cockatiels are priced very reasonably ranging from $150-350 dollars based on different mutations

Prices for our Hand Feds


Cinnamons 160

Greys 150

Cinnamon Pearl 180

Pearls 200

Whiteface 200

Pieds 220

Lutino 250

Cin Pearl Whiteface 250

Albino 350



We accept money orders, cashiers checks, and cash.

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